Morrison + Murff was founded by Theron Morrison in 2004. We are a firm that focuses on protecting the rights of others through bankruptcy, criminal defense, and helping people obtain social security disability benefits.

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Theron decided to open the firm based upon his experiences growing up. When he was ten, his parents, like so many families, went through a divorce. Theron lived with his father and after the divorce, his family was going through financial difficulties as his father could no longer support two households with one income. He recalls, “We were a proud family; the kind that believed that if you incurred the debt, you paid the debt.” However, this just wasn’t possible anymore. The financial pressure on his dad only added to the already difficult situation. His father had to decide if bankruptcy was right for them.

Theron has stated, “I am so glad my father finally made the decision to file for bankruptcy. I know it was one of the hardest decisions he had to make but as a result, he was able to rebuild his financial life. He was able to help put my sister, brother, and I through college. I remember the stress he felt but am so thankful for what he did for us as it allowed us to find the mercy our family so badly needed.” 

Theron’s dad was a real estate agent and has since been able to retire. His retirement consists of rental homes that produce income to support him and his wife. Without the fresh start that bankruptcy gave him, he would not have been able to plan for his family’s future.

As result of this and other events, Theron and Jesse have made a commitment to their clients to help them through their difficult time. With their focus on the client and the desire to ensure each client receives the highest quality service, Morrison + Murff have been able to help over 20,000 families find relief and gain the knowledge they need to make the best decision for their families.  Whether through a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt settlement, or just advising them on options on how to get out of debt without filing for bankruptcy, Morrison + Murff can give you all of your possibilities

Their commitments to helping families find freedom doesn’t just stop with bankruptcy.  Jesse Murff also handles criminal matters. He has seen the unfairness of the criminal justice system and is a strong believer in the importance of standing up for our Constitution and for the rights of the individuals. He knows that not everyone who has been charged with a crime is guilty, and even if they are, there is more to the story. Their story needs to be told. Jesse has said “What a gift we have been given to live in this nation. A nation where our forefathers sought refuge from tyranny and believed that each one of has rights. I am amazed to think that they had the foresight to create a document that would stand the test of time and protect us from oppression.” 

Jesse knows that it is important for us to have a police system that is there to protect and serve and in fact, his wife is a former police officer. But he also realizes that officers are human and make mistakes. He has seen this and as a result has dedicated himself to protecting others with his zealous advocacy for his clients.

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