Theron D. Morrison is one of Utah’s top bankruptcy and real estate attorneys. As the founding partner of Morrison & Murff in 2004, Theron has filed nearly 7000 cases and has consistently been one of the largest consumer law firms in the state of Utah. Theron is an avid outdoorsman, and always up for a new adventure, whether it’s trekking into the remote Canadian wilderness for pike fishing, or strapping his kids up with heavy packs, leading them deep into the High Uintah Mountains. Learn more about Theron here.



To say Jesse eats, drinks, and sleeps the law isn’t much of a stretch. If he isn’t meeting with clients, he’s usually in court or managing the day to day legal affairs at Morrison & Murff, Utah’s largest consumer advocate firm. When Jesse manages to sneak away from the office, you can usually find him on a mountain, either skiing or biking, depending on the season. Learn more about Jesse here.




Jonathan D. Porter is a rising star in family law, and has quickly established himself as an authority in bankruptcy issues. Jon is a Senior Associate Attorney and heads up the Firm’s law and motion practice, one of the most active in the State. Jon’s strong interest in family law comes from witnessing people not getting a fair shake in our State’s domestic courts. Learn more about Jon here.