Do I Really Need An Attorney To File Bankruptcy and If So, How Do I Know Which Attorney Is Right For Me?

One question I often get asked is “How does someone who is going bankrupt afford an attorney?” I always respond by telling them that they cannot afford not to have an attorney. In most cases, people only get one shot at filing a bankruptcy and if they are not completely aware of the process, it could cost them so much more in the long run.

Posted on April 18, 2016 .

Going Through Bankruptcy? Ways to Save on Your Cable, Internet, and Phone Bills

Whether you've started the bankruptcy process or you're on the verge of declaring bankruptcy, you're looking for ways to save money wherever possible. If you already have a lot of debt, you don't want to accumulate more through utility bills, but you often have no choice but to keep paying them-after all, you can't go without heat in the winter, air conditioning in the summer, or water and electricity year-round.

In today's world, though, there are three other utilities that many people can't do without-cable, Internet, and phone service. Some people consider smartphones, television, and the Internet to be major indulgences that debtors should be able to sacrifice, but the reality is that each of these services are so essential to our everyday lives now that giving one up can seem impossible.

Fortunately, depending on your circumstances, you don't always have to give up on these essential utilities. In our blog below, we'll tell you about ways you can save on these key modern utilities. Budgeting your money when it comes to bills can help you maintain a repayment plan during a chapter 13 bankruptcy or save a little extra during a chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Posted on March 24, 2016 .

The 411 on Pain, Suffering, and Other Damages in a Personal Injury Case

You've recently suffered injuries in a car accident, and that accident occurred because another driver was reckless and paid attention to phones and other distractions. You don't deserve to suffer the consequences for a problem you didn't cause, but unfortunately, you still have injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages to deal with.

How do you recover what you've lost and get back to the same standard of living you enjoyed before the incident? A lawsuit will allow you to gain restitution for all the damages you suffered. These damages don't stop at covering monetary losses either. You can also use them to get compensation for less concrete consequences, like pain and suffering.

Learn more about the types of damages you can sue for below.

Posted on February 11, 2016 .

Two Reasons Americans Declare Bankruptcy and What You Can Do About Them

According to the philosophy behind the American dream, success comes from hard work and an enterprising spirit. So when it comes to finances, many Americans assume that laziness and poor spending habits are the main culprits behind bankruptcy.

Popular depictions of bankruptcy in the media often support this image. For instance, in season four of the popular sitcom "The Office," one character's extravagant spending habits lead the main character, Michael Scott, to march into his office and proclaim, "I declare bankruptcy!" (His co-workers quickly explain that simply "declaring" bankruptcy isn't how the process works.)

Posted on January 19, 2016 .

5 Steps to Take to Solidify Your Personal Injury Claim

If you've ever seen a TV courtroom drama, it may seem like most legal cases are easily won or settled. What these TV shows don't typically show you, however, is the complexity surrounding each specific case and the time and efforts involved in winning a legal claim or suit.

For example, a personal injury case could take months or years to settle, depending on the plaintiff's recovery time, the length of the filing process, and how long negotiations take.

Personal injury claims represent some of the most filed claim types throughout the US. But they also stand as some of the most difficult claims to navigate properly.

If someone else's carelessness or purposeful behavior caused you to sustain an injury, you are entitled to reparations. However, you'll likely need to file a personal injury claim to receive this compensation. Below, we've listed five tips to help you solidify your personal injury claim so you can obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Posted on January 11, 2016 .

4 Ways to Modify Your Spending After Bankruptcy

Did you know that budget guru Dave Ramsey once filed for bankruptcy? Years ago he and his wife, Sharon, found themselves under severe financial strain. Ultimately, they used bankruptcy as a way to restart their finances.

Although Ramsey says his bankruptcy experience was painful, he used it to his advantage. After he filed, he learned to save and spend money more carefully. Eventually, he became a trusted source of financial wisdom for many people. Having been to Dave and Sharon’s home, I have personally seen how they have used this experience to learn and grow financially. And one of the best things about meeting Dave and being instructed by him was how down to earth he is and how much he cares about the people he helps. We have tried to carry this same philosophy over to our firm and our clients. We want our clients to succeed and work hard to teach all of our clients the strategies below. 

Posted on October 19, 2015 .

12 Signs You Could Benefit from Bankruptcy

Everyone wants to feel financially safe and independent. People don't want to go to their friends and relatives to help them make mortgage payments, and nobody wants to even imagine what would happen if they couldn’t make essential bill payments.

Unfortunately, for some people, their finances don’t always stay so stable, so they have to resort to bankruptcy and other means to keep their households afloat. You'd likely prefer to avoid this step if you can, but if your circumstances exhibit any of the signs listed below, you may find needed relief if you file for bankruptcy.

Posted on September 15, 2015 .

Chapter 7 or 13 Bankruptcy: Which Should You File For?

"Bankruptcy." You feel surprised that one little word can cause you to feel so anxious. You've tried everything to pay off all of your debts and outstanding financial obligations, but to no avail. As you try to accept bankruptcy as your only option for a fresh financial start, you slowly realize that you don't know much about this legal process.

You try to do some research, but you discover that two different types of bankruptcy exist: chapters 7 and 13. You don't know why you have two forms to choose from, which one to file for, or even how bankruptcy will affect your life.

Here, we'll tell you the differences between chapters 7 and 13 bankruptcy and what you need to know before you contact a bankruptcy attorney.

Posted on September 4, 2015 .

Don't Give in to Criminal Charges: Use These Defenses

The authorities have charged you with a crime, and research into those charges have presented you with a frightening image. You know the potential consequences if the court convicts you. You can also imagine the long hours you'll need to prepare your defense and present it in court. So you consider pleading guilty just so you don't have to deal with the struggle.

No matter what you do, don't plead guilty-not until you’ve talked to your lawyer and discussed your options. Popular movies and television shows may have shown you that a guilty plea gives you points for good behavior. But in reality, that plea sometimes prevents you from getting the treatment you deserve.

Instead, use one of the defenses listed below to contest the charges. Your lawyer can help you build a case around one of these defenses so you can reduce or even eliminate the charges levied against you.

Posted on August 27, 2015 .

Paying Off Student Loans: What You Need to Know

Paying Off Student Loans: What You Need to Know

Jenna Levine was determined to go to her dream school, no matter the cost. She took out thousands of dollars of private loans with her parents as cosigners. She figured she'd worry about her debt after she graduated.

By the time she finished school, she had to pay about $1,400 a month toward her loans, and she couldn't find a job in her field that would give her the salary she needed.

"I'm 26-years-old and I always feel like I am looking down the barrel of a gun. . . ." she wrote for Huffington Post. "All because of this $120,000 degree I can't afford to use."

Student loans can help you afford a quality education. But if you're not careful with them, they can damage your finances for years to come. Unfortunately, many lenders don't give you all the facts before you take out a loan.

Posted on June 23, 2015 .