Chapter 13 & Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City is a fast growing city with a booming economy. You have many social, economic, and artistic opportunities within your grasp. However, crippling debt may keep you from taking advantage of these important opportunities.

Luckily, when you can't get a hand on outstanding debt, you can get a blank slate. Let a bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City, UT help you find the right strategy for conquering your debts.

Escape Your Personal Debt with Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

If you have a hard time meeting your payments, chapter 7 bankruptcy can help you overcome your financial troubles. At Morrison & Muff, we work with you to create a legal and financial plan that will resolve your money problems and get you back on your feet. With a proper plan, you can take care of your debts and get access to more financial opportunities.  

Protect Your Livelihood with Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

With chapter 13 bankruptcy, you keep more of your assets and pay off your debts outright. We help you work with your creditors to create a payment plan that protects your property and personal income. With a chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney in Salt Lake City, UT, you will have an expert negotiator and advocate to give you the best payment plan possible.

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