Morrison & Murff was founded under the belief that we as attorneys are here to serve you. Applying for Social Security Disability benefits can be overwhelming. At Morrison & Murff, we have consulted with over 20,000 families in difficult circumstances. We know what it takes to get someone approved for their benefits they deserve. 

You have been putting money into a system and have been promised it would be there when you need it.  But it’s difficult to navigate through all of the red tape and you need someone with the experience and commitment to their clients to get through it. Whether it’s a physical or emotional disability, you will need a social security disability attorney. Let us help you so that you can do what matters most; focus on your healing.

Get help from a social security disability attorney fast! Same day appointments are available. We have offices in Ogden, Sandy, St. George, and Logan, UT. However, most times you do not even need to come into the office and we can handle everything from your home. Call today for your free, no obligation consultation at 801-528-6759.